Get Involved

At BOpS we welcome all types of creatives, whether you enjoy singing, acting, directing, art, producing, we need you all!


If performing is your thing, we hold auditions before every production for you to get involved in, and anyone is welcome to try out. Our auditions for this years’ shows are unfortunately over, but do keep an eye out on all our social media about other ways to get involved, and make sure you get in there early next year!


If directing, producing or conducting is your calling, why not put together a show proposal? We hold a meeting every May to decide on our next year’s shows – one larger in March, and one or two smaller ones for our festival in November. All you need to do is gather a director, producer and music director and tell us about your show!

Costume, set designs, props

If your an arty type, we always need people to help us design and create sets, costumes and props for all of our shows. Simply get in touch with the current show teams or with any member of BOpS and we can put you in contact with the right people!

Backstage: lighting and tech

For all things back stage we recommend you talk to the STA, who deal with all the lighting and tech side of our shows. They’re a really fantastic organisation who do a lot of hard work and are always looking for keen new members! Visit their website [HERE] to find out more.


Ravel’s The Child and the Spells, BOpSFest 2014, starring Tessa Deterding


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